Rat War!!! Ratzapper?? or??

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    Does anyone on this site use the rat zapper or other brand electrocution devices and if so, what is your experience and it's rate of effectiveness? I have been battling rats with various traps and all sorts of baits only to have them get off before I could get to them or they get the bait without tripping the trap and gorge out on all my chicken feed the girls leave behind. I finally resorted this week to poison and found an almost dead one INSIDE the chicken ark today but don't want to do that again because not only was it a gnarly way for anything to die (yes, even rats) but I don't want to risk the birds or any other animal that might come upon the poisonee if it has escaped my detection before his/her demise. [​IMG]
    Thanks for your reviews, opinions and comments. BYC ROCKS!! [​IMG]
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