rate that baby chicks get feathers (PIC included)


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Jan 31, 2008
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is the rate in which they get their feathers as very young chicks breed dependent?
Sex dependent?
I'm thinking both.
I'm not sure if I should have this on the chick page? or the what breed is this? page.
I have 4 red chicks (all should be pullets)
3 are suppose to be RIR and I have an assortment of Rare breed and heavy pullets.
the 3 I'm quite sure are my RIR are getting feathers fast! here is close ups.

Then I have my chick that I'm still not convinced is the same breed, I'm pretty sure she will be a red adult? but I'm not sure she is a RIR - YES I know in time I should be able to tell

And both chicks in the same frame
The chicks should be 5/6 days old
were shipped on the 26th
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Mar 14, 2008
Cute chickies!! My Isa browns are getting lots of feathers. They seem to change everyday, while my barred rocks and black sex links do not seem to be getting them at the same rate. They are all the same age too.


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Mar 26, 2008
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My chicks are 4 days old and look like that as well, but the few that are Pullets have a little more feathers then yours. I have 3 Delawares and 3 Ancona Pullets, the rest look like BO roosters that they shipped to keep my girls warm and they hardly have anything on them! they still look like the day I got them. So do roosters take longer to get feathers??


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My chickies that are now 10 days old have different amounts of feathers. They are RIR's, hopefully girls, as I was told they all are. Two of them have the most feathers, the next two have about the same amount and the 5th one has the least. So, I'd say, its an individual rate the feathers come in. They are all pretty close though.


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Mar 25, 2008
The three are for sure RIR's because they look just like mine! I would almost bet that the fourth one is too, because two of mine looked like that and got feathers slower than the other 10. I have wondered about the rate at which they get feathers and being sex dependent as well. I posted that question about a week ago and most of my replies told me that it wasn't an accurate form of telling the pullets from the roos. Most people told me that I would just have to wait until they are about six weeks old to tell for sure. So, I am waiting, waiting, waiting!!!
They are 14 days old now and have full wing feathers and some tail feathers (all but two). I am hoping that "the two" will end up being the roosters. It would be my luck to get 10 roosters and 2 hens!
Next time around, I am only going to purchase Red Sex Link's so I will know for sure right off the bat! Good luck with your chicks! They are cute!
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