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Leia's Chickens

A Sunkissed Delight
9 Years
Jun 20, 2010
This is just like all the other "rate the..." games. A person names a band or artist and the next person will rate them from 1-10. Remember to rate them based on how much you like their music, not how much you like/dislike the person/band. You can also name soundtracks from movies etc.


Person1: Twenty One Pilots?

Person2: 10! Stevie Wonder?

Person3: 8. Beyonce?

The only rules are

1. All BYC rules apply

2. BE NICE! If you like a certain artist/band and someone rates it badly because they don't like DO NOT be offended of angry. We all have different music taste!

3. Have fun! It's always nice to find others that like the same kind of music as you!

I'll start

Panic at the Disco?
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