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Apr 24, 2018
North Western Ohio
Can you move the chickens to another coop or home and set traps and spray the coop? That’s what I do... I put my chickens and ducks in the garage for about 3 weeks or longer to spray and set traps


Oct 29, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
erm...i have no other place to put my chickens so i cant move them out...but they are not coming out of their run atm so i could put plenty of poison down?

I do too, I feel your pain! Be careful with poison. Poison makes the rats leave their nest to seek water, and if you have water in your chicken coop they will literally gnaw their way in to get it. If they die in your chicken run / coop, and your chickens are contaminated with poison - it will kill them (and they will most likely try to eat a dead rat!)

I'm going to try putting the poison under the house, or naturally deterring them with mint or ultrasonic sound deterrents. So annoying for you, let me know how you go?


Jul 25, 2018
Windsor, NY
I'm going to try putting the poison under the house, or naturally deterring them with mint or ultrasonic sound deterrents

Rats just really gross me out! Yuck!! I catch one on camera every few months coming into the stall where my chickens are. My husband has been able to shoot them, thankfully, because I've been afraid of using poison. I did put a poison block down under the floor once and found it a few days later at the other end of the barn just out in the aisle... nearly 40 feet away. They dig holes under the wall/floors of the stalls and then the dog digs them bigger trying to get to them (or the chipmunks that moved in this summer). I've considered the ultrasonic deterrents... had one years ago in our trailer that worked very well. Would that sound bother the chickens? I would hate for it to cause them pain. I won't use a spring trap where the chickens may get near it but have tried the "have-a-heart" box traps and the rats don't fall for that (the chipmunks do tho :) ).

Cragg Klefor

Apr 14, 2017
County Kilkenny, Ireland
They are EXTREMELY difficult to get rid of. I have had a few infestations . I have to admit they are very intelligent, seldom going near traps, although less food lying around raises your chances of success. I set traps when I lock in the chickens and snap them before letting out chickens in the morn. Most successful bait has been tinned cat food - and I have tried a wide variety of recommended baits. Good luck with them!


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Nov 23, 2010
St. Louis, MO
Research 'stairway to heaven' rat traps. You need a 5 gallon bucket, a rod, a can or bottle, peanut butter and water.
They work great and are repeatable. You can catch multiples each night.

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