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    this is not for the faint of heart !
    I have been battling rats for a week now, have been trappin and feeding( bait). I do "rat patrol " every am.
    I am having good success. But last pm , DH said , you snapped a rat in the pump room LOL
    i went to look for it and the whole trap and the rat were gone !
    i told him and he of course said i did not look good ! RATS!
    anyway the thing got carted off ( by what ?) and was underneath the water tank ewwwwwh, i retirived it and walked to the house ( and mistakenly left the trap and rat there on the floor)and back and it was gone AGAIN!!!
    I was mad !!! and so back to thehouse to get the flashlight , and out to the pump room for another retrival procedure , GOT IT !!!!
    Now i sezzz, i will get the varmit that is taking my trap !
    so i set it with the usual dose of skippys peanut butter and went about my BIZ.

    later at work..............................
    DH calls and sez, you have caught the big daddy rat !!!!!
    evidentally he got snapped , but did not get caught , but he did die so that is the end of this rats tail for now..............
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    Yea!!! [​IMG]

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