Rattler in the baby coop,, but all birds safe,, it wanted me! (pic)

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    So Buffy is laying her egg,, cluck, cluck, I'm laying an egg!! I'm laying and egg!! Then suddenly it was HOLY CRAP I need help human help!! help!!! So went out to see what all the ruckus was about and bent over and looked in the darker baby coop, it has no windows,, and as I reach for her to see why she's in the corner and scared stiff,, I see out of the corner of my eye a snake! It wasn't in bull snake position and since I had reached forward toward Buffy with my left arm I started swinging my arm to the left instead of jerking it back towards me. The snake started it's strike and caught me just at the end of it's length, it got hung up in a milk crate which kept it from sinking it's fangs into me. It hit me but straight on instead of in biting position, squirted all over my arm and it's fangs bruised me he hit me so hard. I was back peddling really fast which is hard to do in my knee brace. He came out of the coop at top speed and just kept right on going out towards to the uncleared desert on the back of my land. I was watering in front so I grabbed the hose and rinsed my arm really well and made sure that it really was just bruised. Several years ago I got bitten, and I have scars on my right arm from it. This a pic of the twin bruises,, the area around it has bruised a little more now though, I took this about half an hour after it hit me.
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    Good to hear your save..[​IMG] I would say LUCKY...
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    Holy Crap!

    I would have had a heart attack right then and there. Family would be planning the funeral right now.

    So glad he didn't get those fangs in you!!!
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    OMG, you were so lucky! So glad he didn't get you or your hen. I don't have a coop yet but I will still keep a better eye out in my yard and in my run. It is that time of year!
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    Oh my .... thank goodness he "missed"
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    WoW - thank goodness you are all right and the milk crate was there!
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    Had to happen to you, WofW! [​IMG] I'm so glad you are relatively unscathed. Hope your knee didn't take any further damage.
    BTW, I am pretty sure we were separated at birth...(I thought that stuff only happened to me) [​IMG]
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    Dec 25, 2007
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    And here it is about 6 hours or so later,, I'm not really that white lol,, it's bright in my home office!
  9. OY I still shudder at the memory of the time me and my uncle, only 10 years older so he was appx 17 and me 7, went fishin'... walking to the creek we saw a rattler on a bit of cardboard (what the heck was THAT doing out there?) and we just passed on by... but on our way back in my brilliant uncle decided that the snake was dead so why not throw a rock at it. Snake wasn't dead, just sunning.

    Then I was in the house.

    Evidently my 7 year old self hurdled a 4' barbed wire fence with room to spare and bolted all the way home, don't remember a bit of that. Just field then home.

    They'd have found me dead of a heart attack with an exploded blatter... no WAY I'd have survived that.
  10. WriterofWords

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    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    I've been through all the trainings and such, I've already been bitten by one and survived it with scars, I was telling myself "Remember to stay calm,, wash it off with cold water,, don't let your heart speed up,," and behind that was "Holy &*^ it just struck at me!!! Did it break the skin! OMG I'm going to die this time!!" LOL!

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