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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Stacykins, Feb 3, 2015.

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    I just dusted off my Brinsea Eco 20 after a few months of not using it. And it certainly is making an awful racket. At first I thought a bit of old shell was caught up in the fan. But I took it apart all the way, cleaned it out very well, made sure no wires had come loose inside, and put it back together. Still rattling! It is circulating air, and keeping temperature. Just...ugh the noise.

    I am guessing the fan is probably going to bite the dust soon? If I had the time I could certainly solder a new one in there. It is definitely out of warranty, so sending it to Brinsea isn't really an option. Plus, the actual company charges outrageous shipping. Too bad they don't just sell the top part of the incubator with the heating and fan assembly, as my base and turner are still perfectly fine.
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    I'd go ahead and fix the fan before I set eggs.Having it die in the middle of incubation wouldn't be any fun.
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    With the fan making noise either something has happened to unbalance the fan blades or a bearing or bushing is wearing out. I’m guessing your cleaning assured nothing is stuck to a blade to unbalance it and the part it is mounted to is not loose and vibrating. I don’t know your expertise in fixing things like that, but I also suggest either replacing it or getting a new incubator before you start a hatch. Maybe use a computer fan? I would not trust it at all.
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