Rattling chest ater dustbath or being picked up

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    Jul 11, 2009
    We have a RIR, 2 year old hen that we've been nursing through several symptoms since early June. It began with droopy behavior,maroon comb, rattling, swollen abdomen between vent & legs. She has been treated with DE, Wazine, low dosage of Ivomec injections & later Valbazine. She seemed to recover for a couple weeks. In late July, she was droopy again; (new symptoms) stayed by the water container and her crop was about the size of a racquet ball and watery. The water would run out of her nostrils if picked up or if she bent her head down. No appetite, mouth gaping open, rattling chest, wattery poo, so we brought her inside again. We are in south Texas with nearly 100 degree weather daily. This flock has clean water & laying pellets and a safe coop that gets cleaned out monthly.
    While she was inside our house, I noticed horrible stinky poo that had to be removed regularily! WHOO! We started low dosage of Tylan50 injections & put VetRX on her beak. Coaxed her to eat tiny amounts of yogurt, steak, eggyolk and some homemade kefir milk. After a week the poo isn't stinky & her craw isn't full of water but her appetite was still bad.
    August 1,she's showing signs of improvement; eating much better, comb is red again, poo back to normal & she complains alot. August 2nd she looked good enough to take outside for a little while. She preened, pecked & sat in some dirt but I noticed the rattling again so I brought her back inside after about 45 minutes. After more online research, we decided to change up her antibiotic to low dosage injectible penicillin (on Aug. 5th). Now, everything seems back to normal except she still has that rattle in her chest after a few minutes of being held or a few minutes in a dust bath! She is very tired of being inside and so are we. Anyone got any ideas? I've done multipal internet searches & reading in the Chicken Health Handbook. As far as I can tell, her symptoms don't line up with anything exactly.

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Maybe she is just getting used to being outside again so she might have some lung irritation????? I am glad that she got better! I had something similar happen but she did not make it [​IMG] .
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    Southeast Texas
    She seems to rattle as soon as she gets in the dirt but is goes away as soon as she is inside for a few minutes. It is real dry here,could it be something in the dirt?

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