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    when is it appropriate to steal your child's new autographed copy of a book to read it yourself? Do I have to wait until he is finished?

    The world release of Rich Riordan's new book was yesterday, at BookPeople. They had kid's activities, people in character, and the author signing books. It was really cool! There were hundreds of families there, many kids with Camp Half-Blood T-shirts, and a whole lot of excitement. When the author asked the crowd how many kids had already started the book, almost every hand went up. The kids asked great questions, and the author was unflaggingly enthusiastic. When we got to our autograph, we had been there for 4 1/2 hours, and he had been signing for 3 1/2 with only a five minute break, he asked my son if he had any questions, and all my boy could say was how much he liked the books, but the look on my kiddo's face was worth every sweaty hot moment in the Texas heat.

    I was hot, hungry, tired and cranky by the time it was over; but it was way worth it. Just tell me when I can grab the book to read it myself!

    The news about the books....The Lightning Thief movie comes out in Feb. (just in time for the kid's birthday), he's writing more Camp Half-Blood books but not with Percy Jackson as the main character, and is starting a new series based on the Egytian gods.
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