Raven and his seven females


May 20, 2017
Please, I need help. I have seven sexed female birds and one male. The chicks are thirteen weeks old. How will the introduction of a male effect the eggs that will be laid? Since I don't want chicks, do I need to treat the eggs any differently such as refrigeration or anything like that? I am new to this.
Having a rooster is perfectly fine if don't want to hatch eggs and just eat them. The only thing you have to do is collect them daily, as long you do that you can store them on your counter top or in your refrigerator and you will be fine. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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Glad you could join us here! The only affect it will have your eggs is that they could be fertilised if your cockerel does his job right. The eggs are still perfectly fine to eat. The only way they would start developing into an embryo is if they were sat on by a broody hen or placed on an incubator at the optimum temp. As said above if you collect regular this shouldn't happen.

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You've been given the right information. If you pick up eggs every day, they would not have started incubation. Are you keeping a roo just for protection? If so they can't fend off predators, if they try they will be the first casuality.
If this is your first time with chickens, and especially if you have small children, I would let the rooster go. Roosters in my experience take a bit of experience. They can be a darling, they can be a nightmare, and they can go from the darling to the nightmare all at once. Often times people will say they attack without warning, but they have been giving off warnings that an inexperienced person does not recognize.

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