Raven Woods Animal Vicksburg MS Sanctuary hard hit by Gustav

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    please help

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    From: Leila Baldridge <[email protected]>
    Date: Sep 3, 2008 10:42 AM
    Subject: Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary hard hit by Gustav

    Hi ya'll,
    I hope you don't get this email twice, but I have very limited computer access and I am asking that if you you can forward this to others, please do.

    Some of you know me from Camp Katrina, and others I have worked with at Raven Woods where I am a board member, adoption coordinator and "kennel cleaner". To save time in describing us to anyone who is not familiar with us, we have a petfinder site


    We are both an adoption facility and a large sanctuary for dogs who would face immediate euthanasia anywhere else. We have over 200 dogs and we finance nearly everything out of our own pockets, with the generous assistance of a very few loyal supporters.
    We are located in Tangipahoa parish near Roseland, LA . We lost most of the tarps that cover our dog kennels, some of our dogs are standing in mud as we try to move their kennels to higher areas, and we have no electric power. We had purchased a new generator before the hurricane and for some reasons it works for 15 minutes at a time before shutting down. The generator powers the well pump which is our only source of water.

    It will take about $5000 to repair the damage to our facility and that doesn't include money for everyday expenses such as dogfood. We need financial help to get back on our feet. We need to get cover over all of our dogs and we need to complete our project (already begun in the days prior to Gustav) to move our few remaining dirt floor kennels onto a concrete slab. In the past we have taken care of these dogs with very little help, but the hurricane has made a major impact. The larger shelters and small ones affiliated with the large groups have access to funding and supplies in disasters but we only have ourselves to rely on. I think that since Gustav was so much less catastrophic than Katrina that many people don't realize that for those who were in the path there was major destruction.

    We also need help with adoptions to get as many as possible of our dogs to homes away from the storm area. Some dogs are heartworm positive but all are up to date on vaccinations, receive heartworm preventative, and with very few exceptions all females are spayed. We have puppies from 10 weeks to 6 months and many very adoptable adults including quite a few who are not yet on our website.

    Please consider helping us. We are all these dogs have and we are determined to continue to provide the best care we possibly can to them. Our dogs are some of the most forgotten ones in south Louisiana--the large mixed breeds, the litters of puppies dumped on the roadside, elderly dogs with no place to go. We have a paypal button on our website, or checks can be sent to my Mississippi address since mail service here is not yet restored as of this time. Make checks out to Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary, We are a 501(c)3 organization so your donations are tax deductable.

    Leila Baldridge
    114 Eva Circle
    Vicksburg, MS 39180

    If anyone would like references as to our shelter I will be happy to provide them to you on request.
    My cell phone is 601-831-0779 but please be aware that cell coverage is still sketchy here.

    Thanks in advance for your help, support, and prayers in this time.
    For the dogs,

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