raw butts..pics...mites or lice? ! help.

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    Here's a few pics of what a handful of my hen's butts look like. They've been like this for maybe three or four weeks. I noticed it on one hen..then another...then another and so on. I had my rooster in w the girls while the weather was frigid but he's in his own coop again.

    I didn't see signs of lice. And their legs were not flakey like with mites. I dont think its a pecking order issue either. Could they be molting? Seems to be a strange way to molt.... The winter has been awful here and I didn't think I'd have an issue with bugs in dead winter......so what gives? Ideas?

    I dont want to spray them as its been really cold still...
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    You might check after dark with a flashlight for the mites that only come out at night, but you may have a feather-picking problem. This usually happens with too little protein in the diet, too little room, or from boredom of being in the coop without some fun things to do. You might try spending some time with them to observe this happening, and maybe give them a 20% flock raiser or 24% gamebird feed for a time to see if it helps. Here is a link on lice and mites: http://ohioline.osu.edu/vme-fact/0018.html

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