Raw feeding dog (Yes! No?)


Jan 29, 2019
South Louisiana
I feed my big mutt raw whole prey. He just turned 2. He eats a whole chicken (with organ meat) every other day and leftovers (cooked meat, veg, and grain) in between. He only eats outside, otherwise I probably would be concerned about salmonella. He eats the entire thing bones, skin, the entire thing. If I butcher a young rooster he will pluck it and eat it for me. He has never been sick. He is a very hearty, very powerful dog.

I worked at a major pet retailer for nearly a decade and work as a professional groomer. I personally greatly distrust kibble. I'm not saying it's necessarily dangerous or that it's gonna kill your dog lol. I just don't trust that highly extruded and processed kibble has the actual nutrition a dog needs. This is a personal belief after years of working with dogs with terrible skin conditions, chronic infections, terrible dental issues, etc. I'm not trying to convince anyone else or push my beliefs on people.

But I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Any dog I own will be fed real food just like I eat. I wouldn't live on a box of cereal even if it claimed to be nutritionally balanced to have everything I need to survive lol.


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Aug 2, 2020
Hello guys! I will be weighing her very soon! She did take a break from raw feed for about a week (because we ran out of her original bag), so I will be weighing her after a few more days.

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