RAW question about raising chickens for this purpose


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11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
So for you BYC members that use the RAW method..... do you raise all your own chickens for this purpose?? How many do you find you need to keep in order to provide enough chickens for 1 dog? I am interested to learn more for sure! However most sites I found are geared toward explaining what it is, assuming that you are PURCHASING the meat from the store. I need to know if it is resonable to raise your own meat for this purpose. Also do you find that this makes a dog more likely to eat your pet chickens????? Do you have to pluck the chicken?????? I think my dog, especially with his probable pre-disposition for allergies would benefit from this... but I could never convince my DH to switch if it meant buying chicken at the store for him.


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Can't answer on how many you would need, but excess roosters and old layers would work. I would skin them. Dogs don't need THAT much fat, and with the skin/feathers gone, they would be less likely to see live chickens as a meal. When we butcher chickens or turkeys, my dog sometimes finds a head around. He doesn't mess with the live birds. I am considering switching to raw for the dogs and the cats, and thinking of raising rabbits for it, too. I think your best bet is to look at the recommended amout to feed per day, and figure out how much the average chicken weights when dressed. Hey, if you raise chickens anyhow, this gives you an excuse to buy straight run and save a little on chick prices!

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