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    Jun 7, 2016
    I have 4 hens that are 4 months old 2 BR and 2EE I have a playhouse turned into a coop for them and I have the windows on two sides cut out with totes screwed in with lids for easy gathering I also have bedding in it (not sure what they'd want to lay in) can you all show me your laying areas? Do my girls each need a desperate laying area or will they share? Anything else I can do to jumpstart the process should I put a fake egg in or anything? Any info is appreciated :) I allow them to free range all day they only go into the coop at night (will they lay outside somewhere omg I hope not I'll never find any eggs lol)
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    May 27, 2015
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    I have 4 hens and I started w 2 nest boxes made out of an old wooden fruit crate. Yes fake eggs help, some people use golf balls. Our girls used both boxes at first, but often everyone wants to use the same box. Later, due to one being broody, I got another wooden crate and now there are 4 nests. Currently they like to take turns using only one box! Ours are free range and come back to lay their eggs. If your setup appeals to them, then yours will too. It sounds like it should work just fine. I like your playhouse conversion idea!
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    I used to use plastic basins as nest boxes, but when i started using grass clippings for bedding, they decided that they prefer to make their own nests in the bedding. Fine by me - i just removed the basins and let them get on with it.


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