long before the hens will start laying?

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  1. We got a trio of black bantam cochins (1 hen and 2 roos) and a trio of silkies (1 hen and 2 roos) a couple of days ago. They seem to like their new surroundings...I have each trio in a separate pen with plenty of room. There are brooding boxes in each pen.

    Does anyone have an idea how long it will be before they start laying at our house? They were already laying before we got them.
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    It really depends on the chickens. I have brought in new hens to an established flock, and watched them establish themselves in the new order within a day. I have seen an egg the very next day. But silkies are usually not great layers in the first place. I get an egg every other day from one of mine, and about one a week out of the other. They both waited about 2 weeks when I got them, even though they were comfortable enough to dust bathe, eat, roost, etc. Only time will answer your question.
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    alot depends on the breed of when they feel comfy in their new home.could be a few days or weeks before they start laying again.

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