Re-homing La Fonda the Silkie Roo - Bittersweet

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    Apr 8, 2010
    Well we did it. We found a home for La Fonda our sweet Silkie rooster and delivered him over the weekend. He went with his two favorite hens to a nice guy chicken farmer who plans to use him to start his silkie project. He has another gorgeous white silkie roo and a few hens. La Fonda is so beautiful that I wanted him to go somewhere where he can be a proud papa and crow to his hearts content. We traded him for La Fonda's chicks and hatching eggs for next year's broodies. And we have visiting rights anytime! I was happy with the place and conditions there. The birds have a ton of space and are well protected. His birds all looked healthy and full of themselves. I had hoped the fellow knew what he was getting in Fonda Man and was reassured when he went on about how beautiful he was, his coloring and the like.

    Right away when we put the trio into the pen, out came this very large rooster named "Puppy". Well, he and Fonda eventually had a stare down and Fonda won! Puppy went back inside the coop. Fonda was all over that bird. Short-lived victory I'm sure, but he is a brave man.

    We just couldn't manage him anymore. He outsmarted his timer box and I was starting to feel for the neighbors who have been great sports, but we are in the city limits sooo....

    ...Goodbye Fonda Man, I hope you are happy in the new digs.

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    Sounds like we went to great new home. He's really pretty. I'm sure he'll be super happy [​IMG] .

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