Re-homing two male Button Quails in California

Quincy Buttons

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Feb 25, 2018
Hello, I'm looking to re-home the two healthy adult male button quails that I have raised in the Bay Area (California).
Recently, one of my females have passed away, leaving one of my males lonely. I have to go to college next year and I need help to give these guys a new home!
They have been raised indoors, and are separate (fighting between two males). They are both about 3 years old, one of them, Quincy, is unique in the sense that he hatched and raised two kids by himself. His son, Boston, is the other one. He was raised isolated because of his rejection from the other quails. He had a ceiling accident two years ago so the top of his head and his eyes look different, but he's plump and healthy and lets me pat his head (cut is just a scar now).
I'm hoping to find a loving owner who may have other button quails and are experienced with keeping them. I would prefer my two quails to be in contact with other ones so they won't be lonely (especially Boston, who has been alone his whole life and is bullied because of his eye).
I can give you their supplies and leftover feed for free along with the quails.
Please comment if you need more info or if you're interested. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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