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    May 14, 2010
    need input I have two different batches of turkey eggs trying to hatch the first batch is 11 eggs and the second batch is six eggs

    on the second batch I had one with in the second day in the incubator go bad the egg started to leak and there seemed to be know cracks for it to leak threw it smelled follow so I kicked it out and disposed of it second batch is now at day 10

    on first batch they are at day 15 and one of the eggs did the same thing I have one egg I think in first batch that seems to be developing under the candle i can see it getting bigger and more harder to see threw

    if an egg is not fertile how long dose it take in the incubator take before it will rot and start to leak

    I have some chicken eggs and they are progressing good and I can see them well under the candle
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    You cannot predict a rotten egg. Some eggs never develop and they never spoil. Other eggs can come in fresh from the nest and go bad within days. It really depends on bacteria present and if it has penetrated the shell.

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