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    WOW I ran a "test ad" on Craigs list for barter/trade or cheap chickens/eggs... wow! [​IMG] my email was flooded with people wanting chickens for all different reasons.

    So, I am now planning on trying to make money at flea markets/swap meets with chickens [​IMG]

    My husband lost his job and my income is decreased due to the economy.[​IMG] Can anyone give me advice PLEASE PLEASE on how to make money fast and make this hobby profitable?

    All ideas and advice is greatly appreciated. I need help! [​IMG]

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    Put posters on bulletin boards also. Feed and grocery stores usually have one as well as post offices and churches. Lots of places will let you put them up if you ask.
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    I'd say in order to make it profitable, you'll need to get into rare breeds getting your eggs and birds from reputable breeders.

    Feed is expensive and you'd probably have to charge more than many are willing to pay.

    Here is the craig's list add of a member here from Glendale who I think does OK.

    Vanessa's chickens

    She has worked things out with a feed store nearby. She orders the chicks takes them into the store any that they don't sell she takes home and grows to point of lay and she has a busy business, but I'm not all that certain on what she makes from it. She has a large grower coop where she can have close to a hundred birds at any given time. She keeps her prices lower than the only hatchery here in the valley.

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