Re-new to the site


5 Years
Jun 8, 2017
I belonged to this site quite a few years ago, then life happened and now retired and back at chickens again and love this site!
We acquired 4 layers and now have 6 pullets. The original ones are some type of red hen, but we believe they may have been bred for a large egg production site as they quickly slowed and have now stopped laying; they are about 2-3 years old. The pullets are Barred Rock-always our favorites.
We also have bees, a large garden and [too]many flower beds! We have about 1 3/4 acres with creek running thru it.
The picture is from a visit to Zambia, Africa; we thought the little chicks were sick, but then saw the mother hen and realized this was a breed characteristic and not an illness! Chickens are an important part of the economy for eggs and food.


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