Re: Scaly Leg Mite


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I have been bathing my 3 pekin bantams legs in veg oil for 7 days following advice on how to treat scaly leg mite. The bantams have now got the veg oil on their feathers, and with bathing in soil are very dirty. I bathed them for the first time yesterday, however they dont look any better, they look dirty and I am worried I have made the situation worse. Has anyone got any advice of how to get their feathers back to peak condition?
You only needed to treat them one time and then do it again at seven days. If they were really bad you may have to do it a time or two more...but at seven day intervals. Just stop with the oil. It should wear off after a while.
ETA: just reread this and saw that is ducks....sorry I see the importance now...I don't know but I'll bump you up!
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I put Vaseline on my chook's feet and they went away. I'd try that.
I am assuming the problem is that if ducks get oily their feathers are no longer water repellent? I have no idea as I have no clue about ducks. Is this the problem? Otherwise I would just let it wear off.

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