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1 old hen

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6 Years
Nov 4, 2013
my run is basicly 200 x 50. there is a spot of 50 x50 with trees this area has little to no grass, the rest has grass, but I am trying to get grass in the 50 x 50 to grow. I have sowed Kentucky fesque and covered with hay. it is starting to grow spotty as it has just started to grow. it has been down about a month and chickens have been off it al time I also sowed the rest with Kentucky. wanting to keep grass. is there something else to sow to keep grass all the time. the chickens run the whole area daily. at night I close them in a lot with over head wire attached to the coop. the lot is 16 x40. trying to manage grass as this is permanent area and has been used several years. have about 32 chickens will be culling roosters and old hens to bring down to 3 roos and about 15 - 20 hens. also keep feed and water out all time in coop. thanks 1 old hen any advice welcomed

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