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    My name is Karen Tewart and My family (Hubby and sons) reside in western PA. In 2004-5, I had a couple of flocks of chickens. One mixed and the other of black and cuckoo Marans from Kelly Cratty in Clarksville, PA. Then we got out of chickens.
    In August of 2009, we retired our rough and smooth collie kennel after 15 years. Now I am back to chickens and loving it. Currently, I have a trio of Salmon Marans we raised from eggs bought from Ed Hess in Portland Indiana. They just started laying 3 weeks ago. The eggs are nice, the color of milk chocolate. Much darker than the eggs the trio came from.
    Altho Salmon Marans will remain a small side project, I have decided my main breed will be Speckled Sussex. After studying the breed I think they will be a good fit for our needs. We have a new coop built for the Sussex and are seeking someone who might consider selling me a trio of bantam Speckled Sussex from the Rev. Paul Ashbook's strain. I have a veteran Sussex breeder who will mentor me in the breed.
    I love breeding to type and the planning that comes with a breeding program. I any room of animal enthusiasts, I am the one in the back with my head buried in books and pedigrees, smile. My mentor in collies used to call me the "pedigree nerd", grin.

    Best Regards,
    Karen Tewart
    Bellwether Collies (retired)
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