Re-worked the interior of my coop today....Pics

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    My coop just wasn't working so I re-did the inside for the fourth or fifth time. [​IMG]

    I decided to add a big droppings board to cover both roosts. I wanted the nest boxes to go under it so they are more secluded and don't get pooped on. I moved in a two-story rabbit hutch. The top lifts up and I am using it to store my feed, grit, oyster shell, etc. The bottom will be the silkie pen. I will put a low roost in there but I understand they prefer huddling in a corner. My blind-in-one-eye hen, Lucy can no longer get up on the roosts. I built her a special roost in the corner, under the dropping board where she will feel safe and still like a big girl. One of the bantys tried to get on her roost tonight and she defended her territory. She kept turning around so she could see Chima with her good eye. I will have to place her on the roost for a few days but she will learn where her special place is quickly. She always does.

    I used part of an old wooden ladder for the birds to access the roosts. The incline was a little steep for a ramp. They all used it with ease. [​IMG]

    I went to Lowes this morning looking for material to build my droppings board. It needed to be 30" wide X 79" long. I looked at plywood but figured it would bow under the weight of the poop over a 7 ft span. Then I saw IT! A hollow core interior door, 30" X 80" for $20! OMG perfect! Then I found anti-fatigue foam carpet and had a pice of that cut to fit the door. I am sick of eggs breaking and making a mess when someone accidentally lays one from the roost. One of my girls is guilty but I haven't figured out which one.

    So I came home and cut the inch off the door and attached it with metal shelf brackets. That thing isn't going anywhere! I put the foam matting down, added a lip to keep the shavings from falling out, and added a couple inches of pine shavings. I then moved the roosts over the board and put the nesting box condo under.

    The ladder is secured by a lip but lifts off for cleaning and access to the nesting boxes and Lucy's Lounge. I won't have to move it everyday because I use one of those old-lady grabber gadgets to get my eggs out of the nest boxes anyway. I have a bad back and have trouble bending. This set-up should work out great! I also put the windows back in for the winter. One of the pieces of glass was broken so I replaced both with plexiglas. It will store better in the tool shed over the summer when I remove it and cover the windows with hardware cloth. There is a second window on the opposite side above the rabbit hutch.

    So here's the finished product. Please excuse the poop on the walls and roosts. I chose not to paint because it was a goat barn before the chickens moved in! My alpha hen, Judge Judy checks it out first:


    Here's the rabbit hutch-turned storage unit and silkie pen. I put top flight netting so that I could still lift the lid and they wouldn't try to roost and poop on it. Can you see Lucy in the handicapped parking? [​IMG]


    My coop is 7x7 but I have a large fenced run and they free range in the yard all day. The coop is rarely used during the day. If it rains they prefer to hang out with the goats. Here's everybody getting settled in for the night.


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  2. Imp

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    Very Nice

  3. Tad

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    The netting on the hutch top is perfect, consider that one stolen, I have a brroder that keep inside a larger breeding pen, solution found!!
  4. joebryant

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    Everything looks great. Lots of good ideas have been put in place.
  5. SOchick

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    May 29, 2009
    Looks great! I may steal some ideas too!
  6. Harrietsmum

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    Aug 17, 2009
    Hamilton, New Zealand
    Love the disabled parking! We are all very PC in New Zealand and are not allowed to say handicapped! Your girls look really well cared for.

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