Reaction to foster farms chicken... Ideas?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Amandakae, May 17, 2016.

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    Feb 12, 2015
    Hi, I am currently raising 50 Cornish Cross free range for my family, but until they are ready we were eating the regular Foster Farms chicken tenderloins. I believe that my constant migraines began when I bought this chicken and we started eating it. I am wondering if they have been caused by that chicken. Do any of you know what is in their non-organic chicken that I could be reacting to? Are there chemicals in the feed that they give them? Are there chemicals that the chicken is soaked in? I feel pretty confident that whatever is in the Foster Farms chicken, I am not giving to mine, but I still would like an idea of what I might be reacting to. I am feeding my birds non-GMO feed, but it is not organic. If this is in the wrong section of the form please let me know.
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    When the chickens are processed, if you bought them from your grocery store then they will have no presence of any antibiotics in the meat, they still may have been given GMOs feed but that will not affect you only them. I don't think it's the chicken you are reacting to unless you have an allergic reaction to poultry meat in general. I would actually recommend giving your birds a medicated feed it will help with the health problems that commonly follow them.
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    Addressing the bolded above.....medicated feed usually contains amprolium, which is a thiamine blocker for the prevention of cocci. I don't think meat birds are any more susceptible to cocci than any other birds. There's no antibiotic in medicated starter, which wouldn't matter as meat birds aren't really more prone to infections, especially when raised in backyard settings. What they're prone to is cardiac issues from gaining so much weight so fast, and bone issues from having so much meat in proportion to the bone structure. Nothing in medicate feed is going to address those issues.

    About the conventional chicken---I believe they get antibiotics due to the confinement they're raised in. But no "chemicals" in the feed, what would be the point? They're brined in salt and broth, I don't know if there could be maybe MSG in that. MSG is a common migraine trigger.

    But it's easy enough to tell if the chicken is your trigger. Eliminate it from your diet for a week and see how the headaches do.

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