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    We just bought Copper a new safety vest for start of deer hunting season tomorrow. We live in the woods and although our land is posted, there are people who hunt on the adjoining properties. He will wear a vest and be under strict supervision whenever he is outside for the next 2 weeks. We also make sure to wear orange when going out in our back woods during hunting season even though no one should be hunting there.


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    Good luck, get a big one!
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    Quote:Thanks ~ but we don't hunt. We have no objection to people hunting ~ just not on our land ~ too close to the house and our animals!
  4. put some vests on your chickens too [​IMG].....[​IMG] no really [​IMG]

    my cousin has to do that with his three dogs (a back lab mix, and two pitbull/hound mixes), he out, (farther out than me, makes me Jealous [​IMG])

    anyway, last year someone shot his BLACK lab mix because they "thought it was a deer", COME ON! the two brown dogs I could MAYBE understand the mistake, maybe, yeah the brought the dog to his house after reading her tags and calmly told him they accidentally shot her *facepalm*, then proceeded to tear him a new one for letting his dog run loose [​IMG], yeah.

    people get crazy during hunting season around here.

    so needless to say, all three of his dogs now wear bright orange vests and bells on their collars.

    pretty little Beagle btw [​IMG] I love beagles
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    They are crazy around here too. You get a bunch of people who don't really know how to shoot, stomping around in the woods looking for anything that moves to shoot at.

    Thanks ~ we think Copper is really special too! He is 14 years old and great around the chickens. He also is one of a kind as he does not leave our property or chase wildlife. I'm not sure we will ever get another Beagle as we are spoiled by him.

    This picture was taken from my back door ~ the woods are my back yard! The chickens are in the front side yard between the house & the road so they should be safe.

    This is about 400' away from my house. The "Posted" sign on the left is on my property line. and the Tree stand is on the neighbor's property ~ facing my land! I am not happy about this and we went up and doubled the "posted" signs in that area this weekend. My concern is that my house is downhill from this area and a missed shot could easily hit my house or worse.
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