Real Breed or a Scam?


6 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I have a friend who wants to buy a rooster she has been told its a real breed and I believe it is a very sick chicken and think its a scam who can tell me if its true or not?
I don't know exactly what breed it is. However, I've seen photos of chickens that look like it before, and I think it may actually exist. I believe that it is some sort of Chinese or Japanese breed.
This is the 1st time I have seen it, I have been trying to google more pictures of it but not finding anything
I just don't want her to buy something like this and then it be sick
I don't think it is... It looks like some type of genetic defect. Chickens feet shouldn't be that... Bulbous... :hmm
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Found them its a Ga Dong Tao and from what I have read they are rare in Vietnam so they would possibly not be in the US?
It is a genuine breed from Vietnam known as a Dong Tao or Ga Ho chicken. BYC has an entire thread on them at

P.S. I don't personally understand why anyone would want a chicken that ugly, but then I feel the same way about Turkens, so obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tell your friend to check out the article on Dong Tao at If you wants them, they cost $2,200 to $2,00 a pair. :eek:(

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