*REALLY BAD PROLAPSE* - With pictures!


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Apr 13, 2018
Hey Everyone!

We are having our first vent prolapse, and it looks worse than all the other pictures of vent prolapse we have ever seen.
We've tried everything the internets say, from Prep H + Polysporin... and we're not sure what to do.
Every other pic we have seen seems to be very mild compared to this.
Does anyone have any thoughts?

chicken prolapse _ Mignon .jpg


Jul 25, 2019
I had a Black Sex Link trying to lay her first egg, and we concluded that she had a deformity. She didn't have an exit for her ovary, or egg. Her whole egg inside of her cloaca, or wherever it was at the moment, was out. She bled a bit and long story short, had to be put down because they are usually recurring, especially since it was her first egg and she was so young.
Have you tried rubbing any lubricant on it to try and get it to slide back in?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Sorry about your chicken? When did you last see her before this happened? It looks like she has been pecked and injured by the other chickens from all of the missing feathers and red skin. What is the dark purple area—is that the prolapse or something else. Can you feel an egg inside there? Have you soaked her yet? Keep the whole vent area moist with honey or coconut oil, or a non-toxic oil. Isolate her in a dog crate with food and water. Has she passed any droppings yet? I haven’t seen one like this even in pictures. Here is a good link to read:


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Apr 13, 2018
I guess both the oviduct and the intestine have prolapsed. It was pretty big. We have managed to get both back in and it seems like it is "holding". We had one relapse after a small poop but we got it back in and we will see how it goes over night. We thought it might be "pick-out" as well as *just* a prolapse. (Never thought I would use the word 'just' and prolapse together!)
We saw her this morning with nothing wrong and by the time we got back 5 hours later, it looked like this.
Beyond that, we are doing what all the regular websites and youtube videos are showing.
A vet is kind of out as the closest avian vet is over 2 hours away.

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