Really Big Crop

K-12 Chickens

9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Yesterday, my hen Snowbell's crop was A LOT bigger then what a normal hen's crop looks like. She would do this weird "dance" by standing up more then usual and wave her neck side to side. I seperated her and massaged her crop and gave her no food for the night other than water with ACV mixed in. In the morning her crop was empty as if the whole thing never happened. She has been eating regular chicken feed and a few leftovers but now her crop is squishy. Did she get back to eating normally too fast? She did the weird " dance" a few weeks ago and seemed fine. I think she was trying to relieve herself of the uncomfortable feeling in her crop. Any advice would be helpful.
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They get regular chicken feed along with treats such as scratch and leftovers. They also scratch in straw and unfortunately sometimes they eat long strands of it. They free-range and lately have gotten into styrofoam. It doesn't appear to be causing any problems. Yesterday a few more hens had enlarged crops but they all emptied over night. The snow is melting, so they have been eating dead grass from last year. I wonder if that is causing larger crops then usual.


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