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    i just hatched eggs from 2 barred hens(they are not pure bred and are not related to each other), both had my Production Red rooster over them. it seems from what i have heard that the female chicks should be pure or almost pure black in feathering. the males should be black with a white spot on top of their head and white on the chin maybe. what i have so far is, two chicks that are black with a white spot on their heads and chins, and three chicks that have the wild-type pattern of brown and grey. so i wonder where did the wild type chicks com from? what gender are they? one of the barred hens has coloring identicle to my Barred Rocks and the others is much darker barring. could the darker hen be a dominant black and therefor making the rooster throw wild types? or vice versa, maybe one is dominant white? please help
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    this right here is what causing all of your issues, Why? you see the Barred phenotype(outer looks of a bird) is Dominant to almost any other gene(except dominant white, Blue, Dun, mostly dominant genes that affect the black coloring).. so what this means? it means your not pure hens carry other genes insed of them but due to the dominant nature of the Barred phenotype(which is the combinantion of Extended Black and sex linked barring) you cant see them, and can only bee seen once you mate them to other none black barred birds...

    you have a good understanding on this type of sex link cross, and you are right, when both parent are pure you should always expect the males to have a white headspot and females to lack said headspot

    the chicks with the white headspot are males, the chick with the wildtype pattern(would be nice to see pics of them, please post them) could be females with sex linked barring or Males lacking sex linked barring, you cant distinguish them... so where did the wiltype chicks is come from? as you have stated the "WILDTYPE" chick down comes(originally) from the Red Jungle Fowl here a google image search( but many other breeds have this type of chick down as of now...and this type of chick down is recessive to the Extende black chick down(Black down found on barred rock) so if you crossed a Pure Barred rock bird to a breed with the wildtype chick donw ALL of the chicks from this cross will have black chick down also(with headspot depending of the gender of BR crossed with) so nobody(but the breeder) will be able to know of tell the wildtype gene is hidden on this birds...

    any genetic question just PM me and ask the question here ok..


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