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    I got some Welsummers from Ideal last August, and I am really disappointed.

    They are little (When researching, I thought I remembered they were a midsized bird), lay small eggs (again remember reading they lay medium sized eggs )and NONE of the eggs are even a little bit dark. No dark speckles, nothing, just cream colored eggs. I got an oops Barnevelder too (she was supposed to be a Wellie) and she was laying nice dark good sized eggs with extra dark speckles..and now...just plain ol creamy colored eggs from her too.[​IMG] (She is quite a bit larger than the Welsummers. )

    Bummed. I knew not to expect much since they are hatchery stock, but I at least thought I would get some light eggs with dark speckles...sigh.[​IMG]

    Oh well. They are sweet litle things. I guess that's somethin', hunh? [​IMG]
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    Your girls are young. After they molt this fall, their egg size should increase. Cannot do anything about the shell color, sorry - that has to do with their parents.

    Glad you enjoy them. [​IMG]

    None of mine lay very dark eggs, my darkest is from my Barred Rock, but I do have a nice and colorful egg selection.
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    Yea, they're hatchery birds. I have a flock (outlined in my sig) and all of the birds are so substandard compared to the lovelies I've seen at poultry shows - but I love them anyways. When it's time to replace them, though, I'll be hatching good breeder eggs from the peeps here on BYC. The biggest, glaring different to me are the Barred Rocks. The breeder birds are magnificent! Mine are puny compared to them.

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