Really noisy hen!


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8 Years
May 16, 2011
I have a BO hen who is broody off and on. She is my favorite hen and the other hens can take or leave her. She is ALWAYS making so much noise that my husband says, "Who needs a rooster when you have her!" Why could she be making such ruckus all of the time?
I've had various "noisy" chickens over the years... it's usually what I call the "alpha female" top of the pecking order bird.... but sometimes not.

At present I have an olive egger in with a bunch of juvies and she is NOISY!... She'd shut up if I put her in the big coop but since she's blind in one eye she get's picked on there.

I once had a Red Star hen that was louder than any rooster I ever had. I rehomed her cuz I couldn't live with the racket. I then had a Barred Rock that I named "She Devil" and she too was VERY noisy, but she was also the "Alpha Female".

At present I have a Blue Wheaten Am. that is noisy, a Black Jersey Giant that is noisy and the rest are pretty quiet. (thank the good Lord!)

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