Really noisy silkie chook!

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    Dec 19, 2011
    Hey chook-lovers! Just a quick question from a new folk, I have a 1 year old silkie hen and she and the other one want to get out into the grass during the day, but I'm not home from school until 3. I let them out in a pen/cage until dark. My hen makes really (really really) loud clucking noises and she doesn't shut up until I let her out!

    Any help/suggestions on what to do until I get home? I don't feel safe keeping the coop door open as we have lots of predators around!
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Nova Scotia
    Lol, I think this is pretty normal.

    We have had some really bad weather here lately, and as such I have not been able to let the girls outdoors.

    I have one girl, my blue australorp, Ghost, who will make the most awful noises!

    Waaaaaaaah!! Uuuurrrrrrrk!! Cluckuuuuuurrrrrrrr!! Waaaaahkk Waaaahkkaaaaaaahhhh!!

    And on and on. She will stand at the door and smash her face against the wire, walking back and forth, trying to get out.

    I think its pretty normal. Some birds are more vocal than others.

    We have lots pf predators here too, but I still let them out in the run if the weather is good and its bright out. Most predators like darkness and shadows and tall grasses/bushes. If you have bushes or large plants around the run, I suggest cutting them back since it makes great hiding places for predators. I always close up before nightfall too.
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