really worried about my eggs


10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
ontario, canada
its day 20 for 1 of my eggs and day 19 for the other 2 . Im really woried because they have been growing fine and moving around but about yesterday they 2 of the chickes have broken into the aircell and parts of the chick are inside and they havent moved for 24 hours! im so scared is this normal ??
im still really worried
I don't understand--how do you know they've broken into the air cell? And what do you mean by "parts of the chick are inside"?

It is totally normal for chicks to break through the air cell and then rest for a day or two before pipping through the external shell.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the problem, I wouldn't worry yet. They'll probably be just fine. Just be sure to keep the incubator closed so you don't mess up the humidity. Good luck!!
im hoping thet are just resting but what i ment was that they had bnroken it and i can see like their head and body moving up higher into the egg , sorry if i confused you
if you can hear any sound loud enough or movement and they're okay, but i suggest you (with high risk of killing them) to help a little by open a little more shell to see if they're being helped by that. that's as many people last resort if they can't make it through.

good luck with them and you.
If there is no response, then yes, he most likely is dead. What breed is it? What are your temps/humidity? Is he shrink-wrapped? I will guess that he is, if you have been opening the 'bator to check on them.
That sucks the humidity out, making the chick shrink-wrapped inside the membrane and shell.


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