Reasonable price on hardware cloth???

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    Hey all,

    I really like the idea of using hardware cloth around my run, but I want to build a fairly large run and this looks to be quite expensive considering how much I will need. Lowes has 1/2" hardware cloth, 24" x 15ft for like $28. Do any of you have a good source for this? I plan on making my run 6' tall and roughly 30' long by 16' wide, I will need to cover the top with something, too. I had thought about hardware cloth, but may look into bird netting. Opinions on the netting? Do you have problems with predators getting through the netting? Where to find good price on Hardware cloth?
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    Oct 5, 2009
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    I get my hardware cloth from the local Agri-Supply. A 19ga 48"x50' roll is $54.95.
  3. Scott

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    Try your local small privately owned hardware stores.... I get mine at a local place. They sell it by the foot for $1 a foot.
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    Yeah...that will be quite pricey. You might consider welded wire (very sturdy) around the bulk of your run (I even use it on top), and just run the hardware cloth around the bottom 24 inches... Much more cost effective...
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    Thanks for the replies.... I am working on my coop right now, but will be doing the run probably next month. Still in the planning stages..... I could DEFINITELY get more "run for my money" (pun intended) doing welded wire with hardware cloth around the bottom. Do you have any problem with raccoons and other animals climbing up and squeeing through the holes in the welded wire?
  6. Tala

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    Quote:Yeah that.

    My coop *IS* welded wire. I use tin on the bottom 24" instead of hardware cloth - it was cheaper. The purpose of hardware cloth along the base is to prevent raccoons from reaching through the welded wire and grabbing a bird. The birds shouldn't be hanging around in mid-air, so if a raccoon scaled the fence, their arms wouldn't reach through the wire and back down to chicken level. Seems to work for most people.

    SOME things can fit their body through welded wire (weasels?minks?) but raccoons are my #1 threat.

    IF your birds are locked in a predator proof coop at night, you might get away with using only chicken wire to re-enforce your welded wire in the run. I have flimsy chicken wire on the base of my cattle panels in the yard to keep the birds from walking through them. The thick gauge cattle panel keeps dogs out during the daytime - and the birds are locked away raccoon safe at night.
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    Aug 19, 2009
    at a local store where i live (bc canada) i can get a 4' height 100' length for $115
  8. teach1rusl

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    Quote:Knock on wood, but NOTHING has gotten into my run (well...little birds If weasels (which I don't even know if we have in this area) can climb, then I'm sure they could get into the run, since they're supposed to be able to get through small openings. A raccoon would not be able to get through the openings in welded wire. Take a look at my BYC page, and you'll see that the openings are smaller than it sounds maybe...

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