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--=-=-=--Rebellion Of Thadis--=-=-=-- ( Medieval Rebellion RP )

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Silkie Chicken, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    In the kingdom of Thadis there lived the Thadious God, goddess, and there followers. The god and goddess were both brother and sister. The brother was Felix, god of vampires. The sister was Elanorth, goddess of Witches and warlocks. They both lived in the Thadis Kingdom and ruled the kingdom that held there followers such as the vampires and witches/warlocks. The god and goddess ruled the lands together as kind and great souls. One dark night the goddess sent a warlock to hunt and kill her brother Felix the god of vampires, but the god caught the warlock and killed him with all the vampire force in him. That night started a great rebellion to attack the goddess and the same night the goddess planned to invade the god and his followers. After that night wars and rebellions have broke loose, the kingdom is split in half, The vampire followers on one side, and the witch/warlocks on the other side. There is a rumor going around between the two kinds that if you get the Sword Of Ziruis hidden in the Sathious Ocean you will be able to kill the god or goddess. The Sword is hard to find and the deep ocean in between the land is guarded by mermaids and pirates. Do not befriend the mermaids maybe they will give you the Sword, but they are rare and the sword will only work with the hands of the chosen.

    Needed Info:
    As you should know you can be a vampire ruled by Felix, a witch/warlock ruled by Elanorth, mermaids, or pirates. The mermaids guard the sword and so do the pirates. The vampires and witches/warlocks fight in combat and try to settle the battles, BUT that will be truly almost impossible. When the ranks of the god and goddess get chosen i will msg them both and they will choose one follower to be one of the chosen to kill the god or goddess. You can only kill the god or goddess if the god or goddess agrees to be killed and only when i say is the point the chosen can make the move. There will be rare points that the chosen will have a chance to kill a god or goddess. If the chosen player is offline then Silkie Chicken will choose a player to make a move. When I msg the god and goddess they shall not tell who the chosen is and we will not tell the chosen who they are. That will just make it more fun because everyone will have to try to make a move and if you are not the chosen it will not kill them.

    God of Vampires:
    Goddess of Witches/warlocks:
    Prince/princess of the witches/warlocks:
    Prince/princess of the vampires: ~Silkie Chicken
    The prince/princess of the vampires or witches are the child of the god or goddess and are 2nd in command if the god or goddess dies depending on if you are a vampire prince and the god of vampires die then the prince will take his place and a new prince will be chosen.

    appearance age:
    BYC Username:

    Type of race: ( Mermaid, Pirate, Vampire, Witch/warlock. )
    Pic or description:

    1. This could get bloody so beware!
    2. If in combat with another charrie only 1 hit per post.
    3. I am the RP owner, what i say goes!
    4. Only Silkie Chicken can write in red to make a important announcement..
    5. You can have kids, do not go into detail.
    6. Dealing with ranks First Come First Serve.
    7. You can only hurt the god or goddess only if you are the chosen one but the god or goddess you are in combat with has to agree to die otherwise you will have to try again.
    8. When the god and goddess choose there chosen follower then they shall not tell. The followers ave to get into combat with there befriended god or goddess to see if they are the chosen if not then they can not hurt the god or goddess, only the followers and other ranks.
    9. If you are a mermaid you have to guard the sword and fight in combat to protect it because if the sword gets broke all the mermaids will die.
    10. If in combat the hit has to be bigger then a paper cut.
    11. If in combat you can not kill another person unless they give you permission to.
    12. All BYC Rules Apply.
    13. Please msg me your form or post them below.
    14. If you have questions msg Silkie Chicken.
    15. If this RP goes well then there will be a Rebellion Of Thadis II.
    16. Most Of All Have Fun!!!! = D

  2. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
  3. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Anyone plz??
  4. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    Name: Jason
    appearance age: 18
    BYC Username: Mipuppy1
    Skills: fire, ice, water
    Rank: Prince
    Personality: he is very flirty, he is very arrogant, he has a huge ego

    Type of race: ( Mermaid, Pirate, Vampire, Witch/warlock. ) Witch
    Pic or description:

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