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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CATRAY44, Jul 15, 2008.

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    I have a 6 week old chick - supposed to be an Isa Brown pullet. "She" was lighter colored than the others that I bought, but not 'white'. The other 2 pullet's feathers came in much quicker than this little chicks. At 6 weeks the chick in question has very vivid cinnamon colored feathers (brighter than the others), with white and a very stubby small tail. The legs look thicker. The comb is very pink. She looks different to me from the other 2 . Are Isa Brown (Red Sex link) cockerels ever more red than white? I will try to post pictures later.


  2. CATRAY44

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    Anybody have any idea about this?
  3. sara

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    You'll probably need to post a picture.

    At 6 weeks old the comb being very red would make me think cockerel, but they shouldn't make a mistake on sex link chicks, that the whole point of them. I wonder if you could have gotten a different breed by accident.[​IMG]
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    I will... my battery died. Will hopefully put some on in a little while. I hope I am just being paranoid.
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    I've got 2 RSL pullets [​IMG] maybe pics of them can help...I don't have a 6-wk pic but here's 5-wk ones:


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  6. My golden comet pullets (RIR rooster x RIW hen) have a wide variation in color in the feathering, from buff through golden to red...the lightest one is in my avatar...I suspect the sex-link pigment is expressed in varying degrees.
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    I have RSL too and I agree about coloring. Some are deep red, almost brown, and some are light red, some have more white than others. They grow quickly, a pink comb at six weeks is normal. Post some pics but I wouldn't worry.
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    Thanks for your help- I think that late feathering and stubby tail made me concerned. I had read something about 2nd generation sex links sometimes not being able to be sexed by feather color and thought, "oh no" (who knows where our little feed store got these, lol.) We really like this little girls and definitely can't have any roos were we live.
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    ChickenHawaii, I love the Tallulah name, btw!!!
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    Cattray, I have 2 GSL pullets and if it makes you feel any better they look like night and day. The one is definately looking like a golden comet and the other is the color of sunshine with a lot of white in her. I did get 10 RIR chicks and 9 of them are a definate RIR but I have one little odd ball who is as golden yellow as can be. I think definately not a RIR but perhaps a GSL or Buff Orp by mistake. That's fine by me , I think she is beautiful and she has personality, and as long as she gives me pretty brown eggs I don't care if she turns out polka-dot! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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