Received my Farm Animal License today..


11 Years
Nov 26, 2011
Well finally have the license to keep chickens is in my hands……

The Inspector came out to my home this past Monday unannounced, but luckily I was home (he was very friendly). Unfortunately I wasn’t informed that I would have to build the coop and run, before I could obtain the license. In which that doesn’t make any sense to me. What if they had told me no? Then I would have this coop and run, in which I would of purchased some pheasants (no license needed for

He also informed me, that one of my neighbors were against the idea. Reason being, they didn’t want my chickens to be loose because of their dogs and cats may kill them. Please explain this to me, it’s my yard but your saying no because your pets come into my yard and may kill my hens, but you don’t want my chickens to come into yours??? We both laughed about that.
But fortunately for me, when I submitted my application to the city I gave them a very detailed layout of my intentions. Including a aerial view of property (thanks to google earth), plus dimensions of property, with footage from each neighbors property lines. So since I didn’t have my coop up yet, he told me that since everything else was in order (the location of coop, etc..) and we got a big laugh about the neighbors. He would talked to his supervisor and if she approved, would send me my permit in the mail (I also will have to call him to come out, once coop is done).
Guess what I received in the mail today?

P.S. He also asked me, how many chickens were I planning on having? I told him 6, he told me I could have 8. Didn’t tell him I already ordered 7, guess I’ll have to add another one….lol
Congrats! Let the chicken addiction begin
hooray for u! i was looking in my county ordinance I didnt find anything that said i could not have hens. Im thinking since i live in a county of only 2500 people and 1 stop light im good to go.
So sorry I didn't reply sooner, working alot of overtime and actually i'm almost done with my coop as well (maybe should opt for any replies to come to my email). The fee permit was actually wiaved for 2011, not sure if they will bring it back this year.
awesomr, what state do you live in. I am in NJ the garden state. one would think no problem! I am afraid to find out. not wanting to make waves as I hav 2 chickens now, I would like 3 more.
I'm in Ohio, actually will be in NJ at the end of May for our annual fishing trip (co-workers) in Point Pleasant.

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