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    sometimes search blindly for news about backyard chickens. Once in a while I print a story like the one above. But here's what I can't seem to wrap my head around, and it has nothing to do with backyard chickens:

    How come newspapers don't publish their city, state, country on their websites? I think the above is from a city called Mankato, which could be in Minnesota [​IMG] ? How would I know? I always wondered why they do that. The editorial above is a pretty good read, I just wonder where its taking place?

    Or am I supposed to somehow know already? I'm embarrassed, I dont' know enough geography. I think I'll go ask my gradeschoolers. They might know. They have geography homework every day. Now I'll go outside and tell my chickens how embarrassed I am. They will tell me I'm being silly, and they will laugh.
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    I very much enjoyed that article! Lots of very good / valid points!
  3. Imp

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    Fun article.

    Thanks 6chickens...

    Imp-You are right, it is Minnesota.
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    Its Mankato, Minnesota. I just clicked the weather button and it poped up. I like the article. Thanks
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    That is a great article!!![​IMG]
  6. My DH says "we're very lucky our paper is called The Chicago Tribune."
  7. Quote:Oh I never thought of that! Thanks!

    Yes I like the article a lot. I have an "all things chicken" binder I keep articles and newsclippings in. I have found some very, very funny ones!
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    6chickens in st.charles, my paper is the Chicago Trib too tho I cheat and read it on the internet instead of buying it. Same for the Sun Times. Good article. It's funny Naperville, IL. allows chickens. I believe its the second largest city in the state. Mankato, Mn. has people up in arms over chickens???? Weird world. When we moved out here almost 41 years ago, you could hear Roosters crowing - it was so neat after living in the city(Chicago).
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    drumstick diva Still crazy after all these years. Premium Member 8 Years

    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    PS I liked the article about the dog show in Mankato. Used to breed and show Cockers in late 60's - early 80's.
  10. Quote:Once I found a chicken article in the Wall Street Journal. Their online newspaper is GREAT! Or was it Christian Science Monitor? One, or the other, was a great website, the video feeds were the ultimate in short news reporting.

    Honestly, I am very glad the Trib still comes in paper form, because I get to read it while lining the chicken's coop. Its become my weekly newspaper time. If I didn't have chickens with a coop to line, I probably wouldn't take time with a newspaper at all! Thank God for the web.

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