Recently broody hen now not eating and drinking


May 12, 2015

I have a Barvendale hen, about 1 year old. She was recently broody, probably about 5 days ago or so, but we got her off it by pulling her out and locking her out if the run and house for a weekend. The last couple of days she seems very lethargic and slow. She is spending a lot of time sitting in shade. She does go for a little scratch with the others but very slow. She isnt eating or drinking much even treats like seed or cake, she seems not interested in. I gave her a bath yesterday as that generally helps, she was quite messy and very stinky....she perked up a bit after the bath.

Today she spent most of the time under a tree (the run is open so she could go onto the nest if she wanted), when they put themselves to bed she was on the outside perch and seemed to be breathing very heavy, so i have brought her into the house. She ate a little bit of banana and i made her some scrambled eggs and she ate a bit of that from my fingers. She feels very skinny around her breast area..

Are these symptoms from being broody or something else? We wormed them on the 1st of the month but maybe she missed that as she was broody when i put the worming pellets into the feeder?

Any suggestions....thanks!


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