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    Oct 1, 2015
    My 3 chicks are 9 weeks old. They have now been outside for 1 week. I started by locking them in the coop at night, going home a lunch time and letting them out in the run during the day, which is 1/2 wire on all sides and top. Last night I purposely came home after dark to see if the chicks would go up into the coop on their own. They did not, they were huddled together in a corner of the run. How do I get them to go inside at night? The run is not safe right now, but I do intend to dig deep down and attach 1/2 wire to the entire edge of the coop and run, for the occasional extended weekends when I don't come home. I did read in the beginning it is best to lock them into the coop for a week or more 24/7 so they learn that is where they go at night..........I haven't had the heart to do that, is it necessary??
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    Just start going out just after dark when you close up. If they are in the run, place them in the coop. If they go inside on their own, great just close the door. You may have to physically place them in the coop for a few days/couple of weeks, but eventually they'll get it and put the!selves to bed.

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