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I need a recipe for feeding my breeder stock of turkeys, chickens, duck, geese, guineas. I have been have very poor hatch rate, while I have high fertility on the eggs. I was asking someone here, about what does he feeds his breeder Cornish, and he mentioned that laying mash (I have been giving my flock laying mash) is a recipe for disaster as a feed option for breeder flock. That set me thinking, "Now I know why I have been having a bad hatch rate!"
So, I went to the feed mill the next day, where I have been buying most of my poultry stuff, and asked them if they have a breeder/conditioner feed, and told them why I was needing them. They pretty much pooh poo the idea, and claimed that it was the rooster's fault, I had to tell them the good fertility rate, but poor hatch rate. I need a recipe to give to them to mix a batch for my flock. Can I give them laying mash during non-breeding season? I have about 5 acres of corn that I will be harvesting in a month or so. Thanks for any help and advice.


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In most cases there is a difference between a Breeder and a Conditioner Feed.

A Breeder Feed is meant for Breading Fowl in that it has add Vitamins, Minerals and a lower Calcium level because Roosters should not have a high level of Calcium in there feed.

A Conditioner Feed is meant for Show Stock that you are preparing for a show.

If you are looking for a good complete feed and not a top dress supplement then go with Buckeye Nutrition or Kent (Blue Seal/ Evergreen) Feed.
Buckeye Nutrition has a excellent Breeder Feed that in my mind cant be beat.
Kent Feed also has a good Breeder Feed under there High Flyer line.

*Note - Kent, Blue Seal and Evergreen Feed are sister feed companies.

I will also add that you might might switch to a feed that contains Animal Protein and not 100% Plant Protein based. (if you haven't already)

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