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    One of my family's favorite things I make is an omlette. We buy goat cheese from a farmer who raises his own goats and Jersey cows and makes the most magnificent artisan cheeses. He is on a little farm in Charlemont, MA and has won multiple international cheese competitions even beating out the French!

    I make a French style omlette which makes the eggs very smooth and creamy with very small curds.

    Ingredients for one omlette

    2 eggs
    1 1/2 - 2 tbs of herbed goat cheese. (We use rosemary herbed but nay herbed goat is great, even plain is awesome, if you can't get either Farmer's cheese is a fine sub)
    1 tbs butter
    1 tbs cooking oil
    Kosher salt
    Fresh ground pepper

    Melt the butter in an 8" nonstick frypan and add the oil.

    Important-Use a med to med-low heat. If you cook the eggs slowly they will come out more tender. Too fast cooked come out more rubbery.

    Crack the eggs into a bowl (best if room temp), add some salt and pepper. Whisk well. You want all the albumen incorporated.

    When you put the eggs in immediately start strirring the eggs either with a small whisk (I like) or the bottom of a fork. This is what will give you the small curds. when the eggs are about 2/3 set add your goat cheese (chives would be a nice addition too) and fold in 1/3 of the omlette from the handle side of the pan. Then either in your pan or right onto a plate, make your final fold. A properly made French style omlette should not be browned at all.

    I learned this technique watching Jacques Pepin years ago. Once I got it down pat I loved it and never make the other kind. I did find a vid on YouTube of him making both. Worth watching for help with technique.


    P.S. You can order sheeses from this farm. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. I would probably call to place the order though. I know the website doesn't look like much but the cheeses are amazing. This guy is a true artisan.
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