Recommend a cabinet hatcher


11 Years
Oct 10, 2008
Charlotte, MI
What would you recommend as a cabinet incubator? I will be hatching out bantam cochins and golden pheasants.

I've heard most don't like sportspan combo hatcher and incubator (one unit) so I'm thinking of just buying a cabinet incubator.

I already have two 1588 Genesis-so I think they can keep up as "hatchers".
Google "Dickey Incubator"

I'm on my first hatch with mine and it's running great, makes the incubating process even easier than my Hovabator 1588 did.
The sportsman 1502 works great if you are using one tray a week. It has space at the bottom to put a tray in for when they are to hatch. You wouldn't want to leave them in the turner as it turns way over. I use mine to hatch bantam cochins.
So I looked at these--they about the unit as the Sportsman, and for the same price, but made out of wood. Am I missing something?
I think I'd prefer the Dikey (especially since it would be living in my bedroom).

Are people using the hatching trays in the bottom or are they using a seperate hatcher? I just can't understand how you would regulate the different humidity level needed for hatching.
I've got a Dickey incubator and a separate Dickey hatcher. I bought the bator, then a couple of months later, decided to get the hatcher. It makes staggered hatches so easy. When you're ready to stop turning your eggs for hatch, just move them to the hatcher. No need to worry about different humidity levels in one bator. And because it's a Dickey, it works like a dream. It's a very well-made product, and customer service is awesome! I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good incubator and hatcher.
It is according to how many eggs I have set whether I use a separate hatcher or not. Last year when I had 7 incubators running I had no choice but to use a separate hatcher. Right now I am only running the dickey incubator so I just hatch in the bottom tray.
I also used those Hovabators/ as hatchers until I starting setting hundreds of eggs. I then made a hatcher out of a large upright freezer that works fantastic and can hold several hundred eggs.

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