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12 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Southwest Indiana
I have been researching about building my own incubator but have become concerned that for my first hatch I had better just buy one. Can you recommend an incubator in the $150 range?
Brinsea ECO 20. Check them out. I just bought my second one a few weeks ago. Love 'em.
I had a hand me down LG with turning racks. I just never liked it. Got the Brinsea Eco 20 w/turner last year. Just bought a second one. I really like them. The humidity is very stable and the autoturn cradle works well. I hatch about 85-95% of my own eggs. Shipped eggs around 50-60%. (This is really brought down by 2 disastrous hatches that were almost certainly roughly handled by the PO.)
My only issue is the 24 egg capacity. When transitioning 85%+ into lockdown, there really is not enough room for that many chicks and shells in the incubator. This is never an issue with shipped eggs, but if you are hatching locals, you will probably end up using a cheapy LG as a hatcher to maximize space.

Brinsea Eco 20: $150
Brinsea Eco20 w/ turner will run you around $200, but if you don't have to turn eggs 3 times a day, it definitely pays for itself!

Brinsea Eco 20 : LOVE IT!
right now the brinsea 20 ECO and auto turner are on sale...together they cost $150, but shipping is supposed to be $34 I think.

I am leaning this way right now....although my wife will probably shoot me! LOL
This year I am just looking at 24. I will be getting 24 Standard Delaware around the first of April.

I would assume that in the future I will want to hatch more, but I am planning on building my own once I know what I am doing.
I would agree! I have four (2 Mini Advances, 1 Mini ECO, and 1 Octagon 20 EX). I only had the one Mini Advance last fall and did two hatches...8/8 in the first and 4/7 in the second (those were both with shipped eggs). I have all four going right now and they are all holding steady in temp and humidity. Love Brinseas...and the people that work there are super nice too.


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