Recommend places to buy ducks?


Jan 9, 2016
Hi we are thinking of getting ducks around April when we move into our new house. We are only going to be getting 2 ducks and they will be our backyard pets as well as egg providers! We have plenty of room on our land for them, however we would love to know if you have had good experiences with certain places. We so far are looking into buying from Metzer farms because they allow 2 duck minimum. Any suggestions?? Also we would love to know which breeds you have and if they are friendly! Pictures are also appreciated.

Thank you!


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Apr 9, 2015
La Grange, KY
I second Metzer. I have ordered from several hatcheries and they are superior in every way. All of my ducklings were in great condition, alert and when they grew out their colors were great. I'm not a show person, but I have ordered from other places and there are some birds where it's obvious they are from bad stock. This wasn't the case for Metzer. I'm planning on getting my geese from them this spring.

I ordered my muscovies from fifth day farm. They were okay, but could improve. I tried calling several times to ask a question and email and never got a return. The birds did arrive on time, and were all alive, but customer service not so good.

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