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Jun 8, 2009
I live and have lived for many years in a town whose full time population is shrinking. Local children and local young couples after graduation can rarely afford to stay in the area. Population seems to be around a couple of hundred in winter and blossoms to a couple thousand weekenders and summer people. As the demographic increasingly changes, I think of moving. Are there still places with four seasons where populations are stable, people are friendly and helpful (good neighbors) and where one could get a couple of acres to own outright?

Thanks for any pointers!
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Interestingly enough, I was watching the TODAY show this morning, and out of the top 10 best places to relocate, Michigan had 4 of them. Median price for some pretty nice looking homes was $75.000.
I don't know if any had any land or not, but that price is unbeatable. I like snow, but DH spent many years in Utah and says no more. I can say that living in SC is not my idea of Heaven- but it is where DH's job is, so we're stuck.

Sorry to hear your town is not doing well- is anyone championing a resurgence?
I live in the piedmont of NC. NC is growning even though our mills have seen their work go south of the border due to NAFDA. Technology, medicine, banking, and a few other things are really taking off. Tourism continues to grow.

Less than 30minutes outside of any major city you will find small communities fighting to hang on and others that are beginning to thrive as "bedroom" communites of the cities. Plenty of land for a small hobby farm or homestead.

Good people, "salt of the earth" type. Some communities are harder than others to be accepted in depending on many things, race, religion, and attitude are just a few. "City folk" don't tend to stay long in dairy country. They aren't real big on 'possum pie or rabbit stew either that is common in some of the more rual areas.

You can find it all in NC. Just depends on what you want.
Thanks for telling me about Michigan. A bit embarassed to say that all I vizualize is images of the auto industry.
Prices certainly seem reasonable.
As far as a resurgence here, it would be wonderful but not necessarily doable.
This is a part of upstate NY that once thrived as a farming community. Family farms fell on tough times. Places divided up. Young people could once afford to purchase land,build or buy homes. But, the area got discovered and became very trendy and pricy. For the most it is the newer mostly part-time and summer people that are restoring homes.
I'm fortunate in that I own my place but I think of surrounding myself with a simpler way of life than what we now have here.

Coyotemagic-Thank you
I know that North Carolina appears beautiful. I camped there many years ago and can't remember just where. The hills and mountains were breathtaking. NC does get all four seasons doesn't it?
Is tourism overwhelming?
Is real estate affordable?

Again, thank you both for your input.
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I'm a transplanted Yankee in NC and I can say it gets all 4 seasons, but not as someone from NY may want them.

We definately have a spring, summer and fall. Winter gets cool, down into the 40's and then in Late Jan, early Feb we get into the 30's and if its a bad winter into the 20's and teens. We average about 7" of snow a year. That means we do indeed get snow. Everything shuts down for 1/4" here as if you were getting 6-8" up there. We just don't have a snow budget, when it is much more economical here to wait for 10am when it all melts.

By Mid Feb the temps are back up in the 40's and by mid April spring is here. Some years though are odd years, like this year by mid April it was back in the 80's.... we skipped spring. Of course this year y'all skipped sunny. So it was odd for everyone.

So we do get all 4 seasons, our fall is gorgeous, but the trees turn a bit later, they green up a bit earlier...and winter is considerably shorter.

Thanks so much for explaining the seasons! I know that I would find it difficult to not see the leaves turn or snow ever fall.
But NC does sound interesting.
I see a rainy or snowy day project learning about your state. Laney, are taxes under control? Is there a state income tax?
Thanks again. Think it's time to turn in now.
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Monterey, VA! Prettiest little town set smack dab in the most breathtaking country in the world! And right across the state line from the other most beautiful country in the home, Pendleton Co. WV.
Sidney Montana...small, yet stable. Very low crime rate, definately has 4 seasons, and we have lots of land with wide open spaces!

ETA: property values are very reasonable, and there is no sales tax.
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we are here in upstate ny and the jobs are awful here.. we are about to retire and looking for a good place to land.. west viginia and arkansas have very low property taxes..and lots of land and farms for sale reasonably priced.. parents pay about 400 a yr for taxes on their retirement home in arkansas on a big lake in bull shoals.. ck it out..
I'd suggest you check out Northwest Arkansas, especially Washington or Benton Counties. It has a lot of what you are describing. With the University of Arkansas here, there are a lot of "outsiders" so I think it is a little easier to ft in. And with Walmart headquarters also being here, the economy is fairly stable, especially considering the times we are in.

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