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  1. Hi all! I'm just getting my feet wet and have a few questions on breeding birds. I thought I'd ask for recommendations- what is a good book on genetics and breeding of chickens? What info has been most helpful for you? What kind of documentation system do you have for your birds and how they are crossed?

    Right now I have EE and Barred rocks, but I am looking into getting an older breed on the endangered/critical list. I'm thinking La Fleche but the more I research the more I realize I know so little about genetics that I think it will be a few years before I can do justice to a rare breed. But my barred rocks are pretty great [​IMG] not show quality, but they are my buddies and I think will be breeding "training wheel" chickens.

    So if you have any info on a good starting point on how to learn, or if there are any breeders in the illinois area that will teach 1st hand experience to a newbie that may ask some silly questions, please let me know!

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    A great starting point, after you decide on your desired breed, might be to join a breed club! I personally just joined the Araucana Club of America, for example. Clubs are a great way to link up people with a common interest in the breed and its preservation, as well as a huge source of information.
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    I have learned so much by using free Goggle ebooks. Just google poultry breeding or poultry genetics, and there are tons of old books out there. Some of these books are quite old, but the information is tried and true.

    Also, this thread is an awesome read. There is so much info here - all totally free!

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