Recommended Cage Wire size for Chickens and Pheasant Aviary in Southern Florida?

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    Feb 2, 2017
    We recently moved to the Ranchettes section of Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, Florida.

    We're building an aviary that is 20 x 24 feet. We plan to stock it with some chickens and pheasants.

    What gauge and size of cage wire is recommended to protect against local varmints, critters, predators?

    10x12 of the area will be protected from rain by plastic roofing panels, the rest of the area will enclosed by cage wire stapled to pressure treated wooden framing.

    We've already trenched 1 foot down around the perimeter and cemented in rabbit fencing.

    We had a similar structure in CT, but used ordinary 1 inch hex poultry fencing -- but down here several people are telling us the 'coons will tear right through that @#$y chicken wire!

    So, for example, is 1x2 inch cage wire enough protection?

    (For example: )

    Or do we need to go to 1x1 or even tighter?

    Also, we have a hound dog that patrols our fenced-in yard. To some degree we believe that deters 'coons and foxes from visiting, but the dog
    will not be on guard 24x7...

    Inside the larger enclosure, under the roof will be some perches and nesting/laying boxes.

    We're not worried about cold here, so we don't need a conventional "chicken house" or coop.

    thanks in advance for chiming in!

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    Is the rabbit wire only along the ground? Was it just to keep out diggers?
    Since you are concerned about predators, the 1x2 wire will be a lot more protection than the hex wire. Several BYC members back that up with a layer of 1/2" wire also. That will help keep out smaller pests like snakes and mice that could get to your eggs. Also it will keep in baby chicks if you get them later. At our local TSC the gauge of the wire is dependent on the width. They stock one gauge in 24" widths and a different gauge for 36". I assume it is because of costs.
    If you can afford it go with the 2 different layers of wire, 1x2 and 1/2".
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    Might be good to go with 1/2" around roost area........coons can reach thru 1x2.
    Might want to put mesh under plastic roofing panels too...coons can chew thru those too.
    It so hard to say what you might get wire might be another option, that can change the mesh needed

    Curious about the perimeter, can you post pics?

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